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Krono Ssrl, is a new born company but with our personal experiences of over a decade that our board team have operated in the field of

business promotions.When someone asks what we do at Krono Ssrl, it’s tempting to point out our track record for helping to transform

the companies into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves. It’s true; our mission is to help management teams create such high

levels of economic value that together we redefine our respective industries.

The rest of the story is about our people, our values, our passion, and our way of doing things—intangibles that can't be financially

measured or modeled but that truly make the difference.

Korono Ssrl works across all types of industries, with all kinds of clients:


• Large multinational corporations

• Leading private equity firms

• Midsize companies

• Small start-ups

• Nonprofit organizations


We help clients decide where they want to go, and how to get there. Such as


• participation on international tenders;

• participation to projects finance from the European community towards the countries in the South-East Asiatic countries

• to search for partnership for production finished and semifinished production

• to the solutions of complex problems within the local governments and big companies




Participation in a "tender" is certainly not the best tool to identify an enterprise or business partners can provide all the supports of

creativity, design skills, services and materials as part of the production activities required or in 'scope of the materials to be offered ..

However, in the presence of a common approach to the adoption of this procedure by the entity clients (government or private), we

believe it appropriate to provide some guidance as to the operating procedures to be used during competitions promoted by local

governments, and therefore subject to different methods and practices related to the specific state and the recognition of economic

reliability by the banks-
The methods suggested are inspired by rules and principles aimed at safeguarding the dignity, roles and interests of the parties, and, of

course, to ensure effectiveness of the procedure itself.




Participation in the "Projects" funded by the European Union is regulated by specific laws and provide for the search of the local non-
profit partnership and the drafting of documentation already in the initial phase, suitably defined both their timing and costs




This activity, very important for European companies that tend to diversify the production of the products in compliance with quality

standards, includes the study of the product, the search for the best raw material supply in the geographical, the know-how in this' area,

and logistical problems to overcome. The methods suggested standard will bring the company to the buyer to decide already in the

preliminary study if there are viable possibilities can lead to the testing phase.

This procedure is designed to enable the evaluation and preparation of complex projects that local governments or big companies are

asking Krono Ssrl feasibility studies and research of various operational and instrumental solutions that enable the achievement of the

required order.

These projects are usually related to the creations of power plants, waste disposal systems, creation of complex production lines or

development projects IT activities for the computerization state.

Our past experiences have brought Kronos SSRL to work as a team of professionals where we are credited by all Blue Chip companies

world wide.

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Krono Ssrl, is a new born company but with our personal experiences of over a decade that our board team have operated in the field of

business promotions.

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